In addition to the mechanical engineering sector and automotive products, ZIEGLER has now successfully established four own brands and their products: "ZIEGLER Harvesting" (harvesting technology), "ZIEGLER Cultivation" (machines for agricultural tillage), "ZIEGLER Transport" (with the largest range of header trailers within the EU) and "ZIEGLER Classic Cars" (with its own specialist workshop and its own spare parts production for old and youngtimers).


The success of Ziegler’s own agricultural devices led to the development and construction of an own production plant in Latvia: Zieglera Masinbuve at Daugavpils. Up to this day, this plant represents the cornerstone of the Ziegler-agritechnical-programmes’ production.


Concerning the automotive sector, Ziegler was able to acquire Walter Keller AG (Switzerland) which was specialized in the production of flat ribbon cables. The production was later moved to Nyrany.


Establishment of Zieglera Masinbuve in Daugavpils/Latvia


In that year, Ziegler gained a foothold in the sector of rapeseed harvesting and mower technology: it acquired the well-known company “Mörtl” (Gemünden am Main). Due to the products’ further development and modernization, Ziegler is marked leader in this sector and OEM-supplier for CLAAS and further brands within the agricultural and agritechnical sector.


Since the beginning of the 1990, Ziegler operates as automotive supplier. The main plant in the Czech Republic met all requirements. The first products leaving the new Ziegler plant were ignition switches for brands like BMW and Ford. Over the years, Ziegler won further considerable automotive customers and was able to extend their product range constantly.


Five years after the first acquisition, Ziegler acquired the production rights of „Diadem“ which produced bale rails and dosage devices. The distribution of both products has been executed by Ziegler since the mid 1980s.


Within this year, Ziegler acquired „Mauser und Frankenstolz“, a manufacturer of coal-fired feed cookers for potatoes.


In order to improve this success and to optimize its production conditions, Ziegler’s first own production hall was built in Pöttmes.


In the early 1960s, Ziegler started to develop its own products. The company’s top seller were electrical feed cookers and slaughter vessels.


Ten years later, the electrical company developed into Pöttmes‘s first electrical store. Now, Ziegler’s customers were able to obtain fridges, freezers and electrical appliances.

Additionally, Ziegler started its first business operation within the agricultural sector: the product range was extended with electric engines and electrical spare parts for agriculture.


Within this year, first business operations were made and the company’s foundation was registered. At the beginning, it acted as simple electrical company with its focus on households’ and companies’ electrification in Pöttmes.

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