Our spare parts shop for specialist dealers - order what you need for your ZIEGLER machine conveniently and easily.

Unfortunately, you cannot order as a private individual. If you are not yet listed in the system, we need proof (e.g. business license).

1.) Call up this page or simply click on the link:

2.) Select the language at the top right
- German or English

3.) Click on "Register" at the top right
- Fill out the form, agree to the use of data and click on "Register"

4.) You will receive an automatic confirmation email to your email address
- Click on the link in the email
- You will be redirected to login
- Login once

IMPORTANT: After registration, our staff will first process your application. That's why you don't see any articles yet and you can't search for any articles. Our employees will check your registration within 5 working days and then activate it. From then on you can search for your spare parts at any time and order them with just a few clicks.

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